What is an academic profile?

What is an academic profile and how does an admissions office use this in the decision process?

Developing an academic profile is something that I carefully consider while working with high school freshman, sophomores and juniors (yes, it starts as early as freshman year for the best possible outcomes).  And- the academic profile consists of both a high school record (as documented in a transcript) and performance on standardized test scores. 

Together these two pieces of information function as an indicator on where an applicant will stand in terms of potential success for a given university to consume. There is no way to avoid the fact that for all students, the most important criterion for admission to a university, is intellectual ability. 

Selective universities, ivy league or not, are looking for students who bring ‘it all’ to the table (more than just brains). Having a high GPA is not enough because colleges closely examine the rigor of the school students attend as well as the courses they chose to take over the past four years especially reviewing the number of honors or accelerated classes students opted to enroll in. The way to prove your potential and degree of curiosity is by taking a breadth of courses, at the highest degree of rigor your school offers.  Explore electives.  Find a topic that your truly enjoy.  It’s really important, not only for college admissions, but for general happiness and life long purpose.

In a nutshell, it is essential to get enrolled into the strongest curriculum you can handle in order to gain admission into the top colleges, period.  Academic profile strength is important because it will differentiate you from other applicants.  And, that is what’s key.

Phil Pallen

Phil Pallen is a brand and social media strategist based in Los Angeles. His roster comprises of recognized personalities from TV shows like Shark Tank, X Factor, Project Runway and Dr. Oz, along with passionate entrepreneurs. Hype from Phil's social media campaigns have garnered press from more than 100 international media outlets. Outside of consulting, Phil speaks at conferences across the US and teaches social media strategy in LA.