It’s incredible
to be part of
someone’s future.



Teaching was my calling from the beginning. The setting was the basement of my home, the students were my four younger sisters, and I used a blackboard drilled to the wall as the sole traditional classroom tool.


I began at the age of eight when my methods were untested, my credentials nonexistent, and my students (being students) frequently reluctant. I've always been interested in evaluating individual students and began working in the Special Education department of the Byram Hills district in New York in 2002. I worked across all disciplines aiding teachers in the content areas of science to English to global history—working with students whose disabilities ranged from mild to moderate. This experience provided an opportunity for me to individually tailor lessons and observe their educational effectiveness.

In 2002, I began consulting with individual students and established my tutoring business, focusing on educational support, mentoring, and test preparation. I incorporated my business and continued to work one-on-one with students full-time while completing a triple-major Bachelor’s degree in anthropology, biology, and chemistry, graduating cum laude.

For my graduate degree, I applied to the highly competitive New York City Teaching Fellowship, known for its 85% rejection rate and, for those admitted, a 50% completion rate. I was accepted, received my teaching license in 2009, along with a Master’s of Science in Science Education from City University of New York and certificate in object-centered learning from the American Museum of Natural History.

When I taught at a New Visions charter high school in South Bronx, NY, I learned to instill in all students, regardless of background, learning style or financial limitation, that their futures are their own to design. I taught them the practical means to realize their ambitions. I founded a college guidance program, scheduled college and career fairs, and worked with the City University of New York to coordinate CollegeNow, a college readiness program for math and composition skills.

Since leaving the South Bronx school, I now consult full-time in Westchester and Fairfield county and beyond. While student demographics changed dramatically, the flexibility and creativity so clearly necessary to work successfully with students in the South Bronx remain essential in my work.

I continue to work with a wide range of students, including those struggling with executive function challenges, graphomotor issues, dyslexia, language deficiencies, ADD, ADHA, lack of sight and lack of hearing, as well as talented and gifted Ivy League-bound students.

I now live in the town of New Fairfield, CT with my husband, three sons, and two dachshunds. Life is beautiful. 


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Veronica is one of the major reasons I was accepted into the Ivy League.  Her guidance about my coursework, resume building, applications and essays made ALL the difference.


— Ryan 


Veronica cared about me-- I worked hard for her as a result.  She made me a better student and a better person, overall.  I can say she's 'that one teacher' that made all the difference in my life.

— Ashley