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My students stand out among their peers. With my guidance, students choose coursework that is motivating and rigorous. Their applications are flawlessly composed, their essays reflect their opinions and dreams, and they shine in admissions interviews. The confidence they develop towards the end of this process is remarkable.  My students transform into knowledgeable young adults as a result of my counseling.  I consider this to be the most important feature of my work. 



I provide guidance throughout the entire college admissions process from ninth grade to senior year. I help students choose the right courses that balance rigor with natural curiosities. I help feature their strengths with advanced coursework and encourage exploration through elective courses to reveal or clarify interests.  My goal is to create a well-balanced high school education. While providing college guidance, I'll also develop a student’s resume to expand upon experiences and credentials. I help students find themselves.



With a student's resume as the foundation, we craft college applications to fully feature everything notable about the applicant. Stand-out personal accomplishments are highlighted in the essay prompt responses, and we work together to edit to perfection. It's a collaborative process, and ultimately students are given the tools to better communicate. I provide a highly organized approach to application completion.  I submit all applications with my students and handle the submission of test scores and other requirements. Every detail is carefully managed by me. 



Personal development is a constant process, so summertime is a great opportunity to explore interests or help shape an applicant's profile. Together, we maximize vacation time through experiential enrichment through internships, volunteering, or employment. I truly enjoy assisting in this process. I can help conceptualize a plan, offer suggestions for where to go to learn or find work, or even suggest reading lists to further knowledge in an area of interest. Nothing is beyond my scope. For me, this is the fun part.



Let's get back to the basics. In this scope of service, I teach my students the key learning tools needed to become a high achieving student. Student's learn how to take notes, study effectively, and apply principles into action with test taking strategies, all in a format that's approachable and useful. I help provide skills for timekeeping, organizing binders and notebooks or self advocating with teachers. I have worked with children who are talented or gifted and those who simply need to 'get it together'.  I am effective with any student, at any point in their life.



A five day intensive program that gets student's everything needed for an effective application. From Monday to Friday, we'll draft a solid copy of the personal statement, create workable drafts for supplemental school essays, craft a standout resume, and get applications in order. It's condensed, efficient, and boils down five months of work into one week. You leave the camp with applications that are ready to submit with minimal additional work required.  Click "Contact"  at the top of this page for more details about the 2018 Bootcamp.


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Veronica was my right hand man. I could NOT have gotten accepted into my ED school without her. Period. End of story.

— Cornell ED admit, 2011 


Veronica got it done. I actually love her. I don't think anyone could do a better job than her.  She saw in me what I never saw in myself, until now. 

— University of Michigan, Ross School of Business, EA admit, 2015